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Fragmented Vessel Wall Pieces


Drawing directly from two-dimensional collaged monoprints, these contemporary ceramic wall pieces collage together flat slabs of clay decorated with textures, patterns and prints to create two-dimensional ceramic wall pieces, giving the illusion of a three-dimensional vessel.

Monochrome Collection


Paring back any colour to just black, white and grey tones allowed me to focus purely on the quality of mark making and line, layering up textures, patterns and gestural marks across the surface of the vessel. Starting off with paper collage and monoprints, I then translated these processes and techniques into clay.

Fragmented Vessels


Expanding on collaged two-dimensional works, the three-dimentional vessel is decontructed and rebuilt, adding exagerated overhangs and angles, literally collaging the clay slabs back together to create fragmented vessels. Each vessel focuses on a colour, with intuitive brush strokes and mark making leading the eye around each piece.